First Librarian calls Wild West 2.0 a useful guide for librarians and professionals

April 29th, 2010

The First Librarian blog (graciously hosted by bookish37) recently released its official review of Wild West 2.0 (Amazon).  The review highlighted how useful Wild West 2.0 can be for librarians and other professionals.  In  fact, the author revealed that she already had to recommend the book!

Librarians who are looking for work may want to use the information outlined to check up on their online reputation–and I know for a fact that libraries are checking out their applicants online–and they may need to use it to defend the online reputation of their library. Sadly, only about an hour after finishing this book, I did have to recommend it to a client who was facing personal attacks online; though I was sorry about the attacks, I was glad to be able to give the person a resource to use so they could understand the nature of the attacks and how to resist them effectively.

Read the whole review at First Librarian.

Of course, the book is also useful for people who have not yet faced online attacks; the book is a helpful guide to protect your reputation before and after online attacks.  Get your copy and recommend one to a friend who might face online attacks.