Author and privacy attorney David Thompson featured on the CBS Early Show

August 23rd, 2011

David Thompson, co-author of the bestselling book Wild West 2.0, was featured on the CBS Early Show this morning to discuss the privacy implications of facial recognition scans.

Marketers are starting to use facial recognition technology to learn about the people who visit malls and stores.  For example, a drug store might set up an advertisement that shows information about makeup to women, and information about razors to men.

However, the danger is that the information collected might not be limited to just demographic information.  The technology exists to make it easy for marketers to identify individual people who are visiting stores.  Imagine walking through a mall and, the next day, getting an email from each of the stores you visited.  Or going to a bar and getting a call from your car insurance company the next day, asking if you were drinking and driving.  Or just having a list of all your most sensitive visits (visits to doctors offices, STD testing or treatment clinics, Planned Parenthood) made available for anyone to view.

View the short clip of the CBS Early Show here:   Face Scan Tech May Know What You Want to Buy