Great points about Wild West 2.0 in Startup Professionals

July 18th, 2011

We just saw that Martin Zwilling over at Startup Professionals posted a great blog post summarizing some of the key messages of the bestselling book Wild West 2.0.

His post does a great job of showing startup entrepreneurs the process of building an online reputation, and it explains why an online reputation is imporant.  In fact, the Startup Professionals blog is a rich resource for all kinds of information about what small businesses need to do online; for example, Martin also discusses when it makes sense to buy domains from domain brokers. 

The book Wild West 2.0 is a great resource for small business owners, professionals, and entrepreneurs.  Almost every business will be reviewed and discussed online — even a lack of reviews online sends a message.  Wild West 2.0 teaches the secrets you need to know to build and protect your business or personal online reputation.

Check out the Startup Professionals blog and buy your own copy of Wild West 2.0 when you’re done.