Wild West 2.0 Title


An invaluable guide for anyone who is concerned about their reputation in the brave new world of the Internet.

Do you know what Google Truth or the Streisand Effect are? You will and you should. Read this book and prepare yourself for the trench warfare that is Wild West 2.0.

Full of invaluable information that readers will be very grateful to have when they need it.

Why Wild West 2.0?

Reputations are being destroyed with a mouse click. Good businesses are being undermined by false reviews planted by competitors. Lives are being ruined by smears and gossip online. Private secrets are being broadcast to the world. College applicants are being denied because of Facebook and MySpace. In short, everything you thought you knew about reputation is gone.

But take heart. It's not too late to fight back and take control of your reputation, your privacy, and your life. Wild West 2.0 gives you the tools you need to fight back against online defamation, online slander, and more. The book explains why the Internet is a new frontier, rich with opportunity but also rife with danger. It explains why self-reliance and self-defense are a necessity online. And it explains how the Internet became this way. In short, it arms you for the new Wild West. Get your copy now, or read the blog for more tips.

For Small Businesses
The Internet can make or break your business. Today, almost all consumers use Google search to research products, services, and people before they buy anything. Online, false information about your business can start a vicious cycle of negative word of mouth and angry customers. Stop the cycle before it can get started, and leverage the Internet's power to spread your marketing message. Learn the tips the pros use to protect your business from online attacks by competitors. Read more today!
For Parents
Today's generation is growing up online. They are conducting their lives online, for better or worse. The Internet has brought opportunities for research and socialization, but also new dangers of online bullying and harassment. The permanent memory of the Internet may change children's carefree attitudes about the Internet: photos shared by today's teens are automatically archived by computers around the world and could become scarlet letters for tomorrow's college applicants. Read more today!
For Professionals
Your good name is your business. Every potential employer, client, business partner, lender, or vendor uses Google to search for your name before they decide whether to do business with you. False, scandalous, or incomplete information can cost you tens of thousands of dollars of lost business. And if you are applying for a new job, it is almost guaranteed that you will be judged by your search results; your online resume is now just as important as your personal resume. Find out what you need to do to protect yourself. Read more today!
For Everyone
Even if you don't use Google to search for gossip, your friends, family, neighbors, and co-workers do. The Internet has revealed deeply personal secrets, changed lives, and destroyed families. Lies, rumors, and more can affect everyone from PTA moms to soccer dads. Find out why the Internet has become the world's largest water cooler, and how you can protect your privacy. Read more today!



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